Volunteer Firefighter Washington Connecticut-600Thank you for your interest in becoming a Washington Volunteer Firefighter.

Currently we have a full active roster of 60 members and several Life Members. New applications are always considered.

The Department relies heavily on its volunteers, and it is vital that there is a sufficient pool of volunteers available to respond to the various calls for help.

The most common questions are answered below. But if you’re ready to talk to someone about joining, feel free to contact us now.


Washington Volunteer Fire Department accepts volunteer applications throughout the year. Men and women must be between the ages of 18 and 55, and hold a valid Connecticut driver’s license. A volunteer must reside in Washington, Washington Depot, Marbledale, New Preston, or Woodville.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What can I expect?”

Volunteers carry pagers, giving them the freedom to go about their regular activities even when on call. Additionally, there is a meeting, drill, and work night each month.

No training is required in order to sign up as a volunteer. After you join the Fire Department you will be placed on probationary status for one year. You will participate in training drills covering basic firefighting skills. After a period of one year, Membership status will be voted upon by the Fire Department during a company meeting.

“Do I have to attend Firefighter I?”

No. If you would like to remain an Exterior firefighter, no additional training beyond what the Department provides is necessary. Exterior Firefighters are recongizable on the fireground by their yellow helmets.

If, however, you would like to be an Interior Firefighter or be allowed to complete calls for Mutual Aid members must complete the State of Connecticut Fire Fighter I course. Interior Firefighters are recognized by their black helmets on the fireground. Department officers wear white helmets.

Whether you complete Fire Fighter I certification or not, training continues each month to keep skills current.

“How do I Sign Up?”

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Washington firefighter, fill out our contact form, and provide your name, your telephone number and a convenient time for a department representative to contact you.

“When do I start going on fire calls?”

You will start out as a fresh probationary member. Probationary members are given the responsibilities of an exterior firefighter.

As an exterior firefighter you can be tasked with anything from water supply for a structure fire, motor vehicle accidents, and other calls in town.

All members report to the firehouse for calls.

For safety reasons, you will not be responding to Mutual Aid calls until you are certified as an Interior Structural Firefighter. This certification is gained through the successful completion of the Firefighter I state program, a 180 hour practical and classroom training course.