Knox Box

Knox-Box® allows Emergency Responders in – without having to Force Entry. 

The Residential and Commercial Knox-Box® is a high security key safe that only the Washington Fire Department and Ambulance can access, without forcing entry.  We simply remove your entrance key stored inside, provide emergency assistance and re-lock your door after your emergency has been mitigated.

Knox BoxThe Knox-Box® Residential Program is ideal for people:

  • With a history of medical problems
  • Recuperating from a hospital stay
  • Living alone
  • Using an electronic calling/medical alert service
  • Seasonal Residents

Benefits of installing a Residential KNOX-BOX:

  • One-time purchase, no monthly monitoring fee
  • Key locked in KNOX-BOX; not hidden for burglar to find
  • Key readily available to responders; no relying on neighbor to be home to let responders inside
  • Door or windows not damaged by responders trying to access your home
  • Security a top priority – KNOX-BOX is UL listed against physical attack

Help us help you by installing a Knox-Box® to reduce the likelihood of forced entry damage and improve our response times.

When minutes count, don’t leave an emergency responder locked out.

Ready to Install a Knox-Box®?

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